Sunday, March 26, 2017

Fun Weekend!

We had our girlies over Friday night.  Friday was a beautiful day here that really felt like Spring.  After we picked them up we made our first stop to the Park for this year.  It wasn't too busy and the girls had so much fun

Yes - Ruby still likes to climb.   She made it to the top of this...

and this.  I was standing close and watching though!

When we got in the care, she had to put on her sunglasses.  It didn't matter that they were upside down, that it was close to being dark, or that these were Alaina's glasses!

A yummy snack of cheese and crackers.

And Grandma read a bedtime story that Ruby was very involved in!

Saturday morning they had such fun building a fort using the couch pillows.

Peeking at Grandma from their fort.
We had lunch at McDonalds, visited Great Grandpa and did some shopping at the dollar store.   What a fun day!

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Friday Funny

Are you old enough to understand this?